Sigh: I still watch Entourage, it’s pathetic

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Entourage returned for its seventh season this past Sunday on HBO. The show takes a lot of ridicule and criticism from people for how easy things come for the main character, yet it remains extremely popular. In terms of comedy, it is pretty funny but no where near enough where you think it would be a huge hit. But here we are. Seven seasons in and the public can’t get enough.

Sadly I was there watching on Sunday night. I know, it’s embarassing. I don’t even think Entourage is a good show yet I can’t help myself. There’s something about the show that is fairly easy to watch. I really tune in mostly to see Jeremy Piven only as well as a little bit of the Johnny Drama character. The random cameos can be fun as well as the slew of hot chicks each week, but for the most part the main storylines are pretty bland.

We will all keep tuning in and yet a show as brilliant as Party Down on Starz can’t get an audience. Party Down is far funnier and much more honest about the struggles of trying to make it in Hollywood. Yet the Starz comedy series has likely met its end after just two seasons.

Yep, sometimes Hollywood isn’t fair.

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Will I be buying a PlayStation Move? Maybe…

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I recently caught some of the videos from the PlayStation press conference at E3.  There were two main themes from Sony this year: the PlayStation Move, a motion controller that will be hitting stores in September, and the introduction of their 3D TVs as well as 3D video games on the PS3.  They kept mentioning at E3 that the Move is a motion based controller with 1 to 1 motion, hence providing the truest motion based video gaming that is currently available.  I’ll have to take their word for it because until we try it there will be no idea how to know what it feels like.

The Move controller will cost $49.99.  They will be selling a Move bundle that includes the Move, PlayStation Eye, and the Move supported game Sports Champions.  That bundle sells for $99.99.  For non-PS3 owners, you can add a PS3 system to that bundle and get the whole thing for $399.99.  There are supposed to be more than 40 games that will include support for the Move by the holiday season including Killzone 3, Tiger Woods 11, NBA 2k11, SOCOM 4, and more.  For those not familiar with the Move, I’ve embedded the PlayStation video showcasing what the Move is all about:

The folks at IGN tried it out at E3 and were quite impressed.

The main question is will it be worth the price?  For me, I’d only be getting one Move for $99.99 if I get the bundle.  But let’s say you’ve already bought a PS3 and you’ve got a family of three that likes to play.  Then you’d likely buy the bundle for $99.99 plus two more Move controllers for another $100.  These things add up.  I can easily see why people would avoid converting to the Move at first until they were sure that it was worth their investment.

Will the 3D/Move integration by Sony catch on?  Don’t underestimate the Sony users.  They are pretty much the main reason that Bluray caught on and is here to stay until everything goes digital.  These users are obviously who are being counted on to buy into 3D and the Move.  It might take some time given the current prices of 3D televisions but this could very well be the future of video gaming.  It will definitely be intriguing to monitor.

But will I get the Move?  Yeah, I might.  I really liked the demo of Tiger Woods 11 with the Move as it is supposed to provide the most realistic golf experience on a console.  That looked fun.  Also my favorite sports franchise, NBA 2K11, will be supported by the Move controller as well.  Just for those two games, the Move might be worth it for me.  Also the Sports Champions game that comes in the bundle looked cool as well.

But I’m not going to buy into it right away.  I’m going to see how it goes in the early stages and see what people think of it.  If people really like it, I’ll probably be hitting the links in no time.  Hey, it could be fun.

It is obviously a very exciting time for Sony right now.  We’ll see if they can generate enough support from their fans and users to transform how the video game experience looks and feels.

The night where Ron Artest won over the Lakers fans for good

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Game 7 of the NBA Finals was in no way short on hype. But it sure was short on offensive execution. The first half was as ugly as it gets as the Lakers and Celtics threw up enough bricks to build another Staples Center. It only seemed fitting that in one of the ugliest first halves of basketball I can remember seeing, Ron Artest emerged and had maybe his best game as a Laker.

Ron had been much maligned throughout the playoffs for his poor shooting, too much dribbling, and overall bad decision making that would at times put the offense out of rhythm. I even remember during a game in the Western Conference Finals, being able to read Phil Jackson’s lips as he told the rest of the Lakers not to pass the ball to Artest. Well in Game 7 last night there was a whole lot of redemption.

This doesn’t just trace itself back to poor offensive possessions by Artest. This goes all the way back to the Malice at the Palace, the brawl we all watched on repeat on ESPNNews back when it happened because of how shocking it was. I remember staying up till 4 AM when it happened in college, and me and my friends just kept watching it because it didn’t seem like that really happened. Only it did. If you would’ve told me then that Ron Artest would be where he is today, at the top of the mountain, I would’ve called you crazier than…well, Ron Artest.

Yet in a Game 7, with all the proverbial chips on the table, Ron Artest was the difference and helped bring another championship to the Lakers. On a night where Kobe Bryant was shockingly channeling his own version of John Starks. 20 points, 5 rebounds, and 5 steals for Ron to go along with terrific defense. He carried the Lakers at times during that first half which saw LA shoot under 30%. The comeback wouldn’t have been possible without him (When Pau and finally Kobe led the way, like they’re supposed to do). Not to mention that huge three pointer in the final minutes which essentially clinched things. Holy hell, what a performance from the craziest man on the court.

Then the celebration was on. And Doris Burke attempted to interview Ron Artest. She quickly realized that Ron wasn’t going to be answering any of her questions which made it all the more hilarious. Instead Ron did the thing we would all expect him to do: thank his hood and psychiatrist in the same sentence. It was unlike anything we’ve seen recently.

Finally we have another way of describing Ron Artest other than “one crazy dude.” That would be “world champion.” He sure deserved it on this night. I couldn’t be happier for the guy.

Other Game 7 goodies:
-I’ve embedded the video of the madness that was the Ron Artest press conference of last night.  It is epic and amazing:
Andrew Sharp of SB Nation has a must read about why we love Ron Artest, including some fascinating Artest stories I hadn’t heard before.
Silver Screen and Roll has an excellent recap including an important reminder: “There is nothing ugly about winning an NBA Championship.”

The George Pelecanos effect

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I know what a lot of you are probably asking yourself right now. Who the hell is George Pelecanos? Well don’t worry, you can go to his IMDB page to find out. He was one of the main writers on The Wire, a show created by David Simon and Ed Burns that is considered by many (myself included) to be the greatest TV drama of all time. Pelecanos is currently working as a writer on the new show created by Simon, Treme, a terrific show about a neighborhood in post-Katrina New Orleans.

During his time on The Wire, Pelecanos was known as being the one who wrote the penultimate episode of each season. This is important in a David Simon show such as The Wire. Simon doesn’t do his shows like a lot of the commercialized ones we see. There is a slow build from the beginning of the season to the end, where the payoff doesn’t always start to come until the later episodes. Each season felt like its own movie in a way. A gradual build towards the final act.

That’s what made the Pelecanos penultimate episodes stand out so much probably. That and some pretty major and devastating things would take place in them. These are the epidoes I remember being rattled by the most (Although giving all the credit to Pelecanos isn’t 100% right. This is still Simon’s show after all.). I can still vividly remember the walk that Frank Sobotka made heading towards The Greek. Or The Wallace scene in season one, or when Stringer Bell met with the Dynamic Duo of Omar and Mouzone. I’ll stop here because it’s hard not to spoil things while listing what has been brought to us in the Pelecanos episodes. They all sure had a lot of punch and emotion to them.

The penultimate episode of The Wire that stands out to me the most still took place in Season 4. That season focused a lot on the education system in Baltimore and especially on this one group of kids. Well this episode was probably the most devastating and one of my favorites of the series. It’ll make your heart drop or even leave you in tears.

At this point of watching the show on DVD, I had been in the habit of reading an archived review of each episode by TV critic Alan Sepinwall (Always great reviews and it helped me remember the names of the new characters introduced each season). I remember once I finally recovered from that fateful episode in season 4, I headed over to Sepinwall site and read that review. The weird thing is to this day I still remember the very first line of that review: "Fuckin’ George Pelecanos."


Fast forward to this past Sunday’s episode of Treme. It was the second to last episode of the show’s first season. Now Treme is a much different show but Pelecanos was once again in charge of the penultimate episode. It wasn’t quite as devastating as something he’d do in The Wire but we’re talking about completely different things here.

This week’s Treme though still had plenty of punch and emotion, especially the stories centering around the characters of Creighton and Janette. It may seem odd considering what happens, but I found myself feeling worse for Janette this week. Maybe it has something to do with the outstanding work of Kim Dickens, a deserving Emmy nominee if I ever saw one.

Yet it didn’t even enter my mind heading into this week’s episode that this would be done by Pelecanos. I kind of forgot about him and the penultimate episode tradition. But as I sat there watching the opening credits for Treme (and listening to its awesome music) I saw it. "Written by George Pelecanos." I paused the DVR, took a deep breath, and mumbled "fuck" to myself before resuming the episode.

Fuckin George Pelecanos indeed. Still haunting me to this day.

Changes to the blog

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So I’ve been sort of absent the last few days. Well, I’m going to change the way things are done on here. I found myself doing a lot of link and video sharing on here, which is really microblogging. I can do a lot of that sort of thing on Twitter so I’m going to save that sort of stuff for Twitter.

I’ll be posting things on here only that really require more than 140 characters. The posting on here therefore will be less frequent than it was when I first started. But feel free to follow me on Twitter to stay in tune with the day to day operations.

P.S. There is no reason for the picture above other than how cool it is.

Coffee spill causes unforeseen problems for BP execs

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This is hilarious.  Well done.

[The Daily What]

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It’s Chilly Outside I’ll Just Stay In My Room (via This is Photobomb)

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